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Don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our mentees on the impact that EnCircle has made.

I’ve attended a number of TAB Mentoring Circles now and have benefitted from the perspectives of both the mentors and the other attendees through their questioning.

Topics are relevant to new recruits as well as those further along in their career pushing for promotion in their current company or seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

I have particularly benefitted from the insight of senior industry leaders from Investment through to HR, giving me a better understanding of the processes and context in which I operate and how best to navigate this.

I have broadened my network through making contact with other attendees which also allows me to take on the role of mentor with those more junior than myself.

Overall, I highly recommend the TAB Mentoring Circles as a chance to expand your network, test ideas and meet senior leaders in the industry.

Thank you to those provide this essential service!”  


-  Elliott Campbell


“The #TAB Mentoring Circles have been a safe place of refuge where I can express my anxieties (real/imagined) about working in an industry where people like myself are disproportionately underrepresented, especially in levels of seniority.

Attending these sessions has provided me the rare and exclusive access to the only 13 black portfolio managers in London (among thousands) and the only 2 C-suite executives in asset management.

Listening to some of the challenges these folks had to endure due to the colour of their skin is always a humbling and empowering experience given how much they have achieved thus far. I sincerely feel fortunate to have joined the industry when platforms such as the #TAB Mentoring Circles exist, when its ok to talkaboutblack at work and when CEOs of large investment firms stand and support their black employees through the #IAM campaign.

In the recent #TAB Mentoring Session, one of my key takeaways was from Remi Olu-Pitan, Head of Multi-Asset Income and Growth, Schroders.

When talking about self-promotion at work, she brilliantly defined self-promotion as the courage of being selfless in conversations with colleagues at work in order to create authentic dialogues and genuine common ground.”


-  Aldrin Shumba

We would like to hear about your personal experiences, situations and challenges in the workplace. This helps us to ensure that we run circles that address the key barriers within the industry.

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