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Here you will find various blogs and research by our EnCircle Team Mentors, Mentees and Partners

How to Get Noticed by Your Boss' Boss


"You’re bright. You have good ideas, insights, and the ambition to take on more. But you aren’t getting the opportunities you want, and your manager has not been helpful...." READ THE FULL BLOG

So, can we talk? #talkaboutblack


By Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

"Imagine watering your parched lawn, hosepipe in hand on a scorching hot summer's day, when suddenly the flowing water stops. Not even a trickle...." READ THE FULL BLOG

Now that I have your attention

Gavin Lewis.png

By Gavin Lewis

"I have always lamented the lack of black representation in the asset management industry. But what I find irksome is the fact that it is never discussed...." READ THE FULL BLOG

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